Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Hey Universe, give me a Sign!

Back in the day signage was awesome. It was clean, it was clear, and it was fun (I’m basing this ‘fun index’ finding on the happiness and awe I felt when I saw these examples).  Less informative, yes, but also big, bold, and gosh darn it, in the new world of black and white signage, it was all types of colourful.

These days it’s all typography, graphics and wayfinding experts, but back then (period undefined) it was, “Gentlemen, I do believe an illustrated hand would adequately point the commuter in the right direction?…jolly well done, now we’re off for a lar-ger.” 

Flinders St Station

Digits, digits, digits

The advertising's up, but nobodies home. Cool sign though!

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